Private And Group Training

Our four hardwood courts in our climate-controlled facility are sure to make us the premier indoor sports facility in Katy and surrounding areas.

Open Court Sports Complex consist of four basketball courts, two volleyball courts, and four pickleball courts. We can also accommodate additional indoor floor sports. We might be known for our participation and love for basketball, but we encourage and recognize the drive and focus it takes to be dedicated in all sports.

Beyond being the home for local team practices and tournaments on the weekend; we also have experienced in-house trainers that are ready to teach, encourage, and motivate passionate basketball players.

Our private and group skills training sessions are tailored to your experience level, passion, and purpose. Private and group training is developed to assist young athletes in their journey to basketball excellence.

Open Court’s trainers are not only experienced but dedicated to the sport. Our trainers will tailor your private or group training based on your age and skills. Private and group training sign up eligibility begins at age seven. Parents can expect our trainers to thoroughly walk through basketball fundamentals, basic movements, and developing muscle memory.