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Now Introducing.... PICKLEBALL!

This past weekend, we added pickleball to our list of featured sports! Pickleball is a combination of tennis, badminton, and table tennis. The sport is played with two or four players, who use paddles to hit a ball over a net.

Our pickleball setup consists of four pickleball courts. All courts are lined on one of our basketball courts- meaning four pickleball games can play at once on one hardwood court. Reservations for pickleball courts will be available or, feel free to play during your open gym happy hour visit.

Pickleball is a growing fad not only in the Katy community but in the states. The pickleball small-sized courts make the sport intimate, yet competitive. There are various leagues in the Katy area that are dedicated to pickleball lovers. The sport is seen to be very popular in the older community because it is not strenuous to the body. Pickleball rules are simple which makes the game fun, sociable, and easy for all ages and skill levels.

At Open Court Sports Complex, we hope to introduce pickleball to those that do not already know the game, as well as provide a new, comfortable atmosphere for local pickleball lovers. If you are a pickleball lover in Katy and surrounding areas, contact us for our pickleball pricing. If you are new to pickleball, contact us for information on how you can become a pickleball lover at Open Court Sports Complex. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and join our mailing list for upcoming pickleball events and news. To join our mailing list, visit

We want to invite you to Open Court Sports Complex to try, learn, and grow to love pickleball. Pickleball will be available during our open gym hours starting Monday, October 5th. Bring your paddles, balls, team, and friendly competitive attitudes. We’ll see you soon!


To ensure the health and safety of our guests, we ask that everyone follow our COVID policies and procedures; as we all do our part in helping keep the community healthy. At our day program, masks will be worn, sanitization stations are provided, the facility is frequently cleaned, and temperatures are taken upon entry.


Angela Smith-Duncan

Leadership is at the core of our mission at Open Court Sports Complex. We are a woman-owned and veteran-owned facility founded by Angela Smith-Duncan and Andrew Duncan, members of the Katy community who have raised children in the area and recognized the Greater Houston Area’s need for a fun, positive, and motivational space for personal development. The pair know a great deal about personal dedication and development, having contributed a combined 48 years of military service to their country as United States Army Officers and Veterans of Operations Iraqi Freedom, Enduring Freedom, and Spartan Shield.

Under our founders’ direction, Open Court Sports Complex is dedicated to serving as a source of mentorship and personal growth in our community, developing professional skills and leadership in young people. Sports are our passion, and we believe they are an ideal vehicle for turning boys and girls into smart, accountable, hard-working young men and women—team players who will become the future leaders of our city, state, and nation.

OCSC’s leadership remains very active in the Katy community, particularly as advocates for disabled veterans and mental wellness. Both volunteer with the Wounded Warrior Project and adaptive sports leagues for disabled athletes.

Open Court’s signature colors are a tribute to disabled veterans: Teal is the color of PTSD awareness, and yellow represents sunshine, which aids in treating clinical depression.

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